For Home Security, specifically kids, CCTV cameras must be designed to work as a mighty Child monitor. The camera should have sensors to detect any child’s movement when he/she wakes up and let you know that you need to pay attention to. It should show you crystal clear live video streams in HD and have a compelling night vision to see your baby even in pitch darkness. It should allow you to hear your baby clearly and should let you sing to your baby from your Phone and see the live reaction

Also, the camera should be completely portable and allow you to carry it from room to room whenever you move the baby. Not only that, but the best baby monitor available in India also allows you to unplug it and carry it with you even in your car while it continues to show a live video stream.

Netproo – Advanced CCTV Camera

The Netproo Advanced CCTV Camera is a full proof & fully portable Baby Monitor & Security System in India. It displays crystal clear videos of your child, from your nursery, direct to your Phone, wherever you are. 720P HD Video: View live video-on-demand, in stunning 720P HD quality with 110-degree wide-angle view and 4X Zoom, on your Smartphone.

Night Vision: The built-in infrared night vision allows you to keep your eye on your child and record pictures & videos in pitch darkness.

Multiple Sensors & Alerts: The built-in “movement” sensors send immediate signals to your Phone and automatically start video recording if your baby starts crying or is waking up. Indications also include an SMS, and it also calls you on your Smartphone.

Move with your baby: Netproo is entirely portable. Moving your baby to another room, going for a drive, or going out for a weekend, carry the Netproo with you wherever you go to keep an eye on your baby. Just unplug the device and take it with you when you are going out. The battery backup and SIM card will continue to stream live video to your phone, even from your car!

Video calls: You can use the built-in mic & speaker to hear your baby’s sounds or sing lullaby through your Smartphone.

7-day recording: Record up to 7 days of your baby’s poses on a local 32GB Card video or pictures.

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