Choosing the right security camera is essential for home security. With the evolution of surveillance technology, CCTV cameras lead to several benefits and basic safety. The security camera technology is also evolving, making it difficult for individuals to make the right choice. These are a few tips for Selecting the Right CCTV Camera for Your Home.

You Need Discreet Cameras or Dome Cameras

While discreet cameras are the largest and most apparent, dome cameras are small and half-spherical in shape. As the placement of hidden cameras is evident to the people being monitored, it helps significantly reduce theft and other malicious activities. On the other hand, dome cameras are ideal for discretion in vast areas and for following a specific subject.

CCTV Camera is used Indoors or Outdoors

The placement of a CCTV camera mostly affects features such as housing and mounting. If used in the outside environment, a CCTV camera requires adequate housing along with a durable design. The camera housing will be different for places with extreme temperature conditions and high vibration areas. Even for indoor environments with harsh conditions, there is a requirement of specific CCTV cameras with a robust design.

Lighting Condition in Your Area

Depending upon the lighting condition at your premises, you need to consider different CCTV camera alternative. Your area would receive an additional amount of sunlight throughout the day. Remember to consider the reflection factor; if there will be a reflection off the walls, you need to reconsider the placement area. Fortunately, the light filtering technology helps in adjusting the amount of light reaching the sensor. This way, you can get clear images throughout the day.


If you want to hear possible perpetrators, you need to integrate audio into a surveillance system. Recording and alarm features can further amplify the quality of video surveillance. It would be best to ask your vendor for audio and recording parts in advance to get the desired CCTV camera model.

The Right Megapixel

A good CCTV camera can help you get complete peace of mind. It would be best if you looked for internet protocol (IP) cameras as they are more potent than analog cameras. Usually, 1 to 5 megapixels of videos can be captured with such cameras. IP cameras have a larger field of vision. Hence, you may have to install fewer cameras when you choose this type of camera for your home. If you are looking for a camera to monitor your kids, then see to it that the camera covers the required angle, and the range where the resolution of pixel needed is achieved during day and night time.




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