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A CCTV system basically has four major constituents namely: the camera, monitor, lens, and the video tape / recorder.

Among these gears, the camera is the principle part, since it is the one that gathers the images. The camera functions the same way that a normal camera does only if it is let alone to work.

 You can set up your CCTV camera to record directly to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR).

– You can set up your CCTV camera to record directly to the cloud.


 Or by using both, i.e., connecting it with DVR/NVR and Cloud at the same time.

Well, each of these has different usage. While a CCTV is going to keep an eye on every movement, actions- in and around the house, alarm monitoring would ensure no potential harm to the property or the people living in it.

Many brands are operating in India into CCTV devices. The fact analysis that none of the companies produce their products in India. Most of them, including CP Plus, Hikvision, Netproo, etc., import the CKD units and get the same assembled into a complete product.


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